Louis Eddleman Captain WWII

Visiting the Glenwood Cemetery in Yazoo, MS, I came across a plaque half buried in the ground. Out of curiosity I began to pick more of the dirt off the grave. I could see the word ‘World’ and assumed that it had something to do with a war. I could see that he was born in 1893 and assumed that he served in World War I.

I continued to clear the marker to make it more visible until is was completely clear, though still dirty You can see where the dirt covered the marker in the video. I did not know Louis Eddleman nor his family, however all the people who served deserve at least our respect for serving. After all, it’s because of the men and women who wear that uniform who put their lives on the line in a moment’s notice for the betterment of society. It’s because of them that the rest of us enjoy peace.

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